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November 22, 2019

What came first the Voice or the Vote? Let’s not go in circles, the voice isn’t the chicken (no pun intended) nor the vote the egg. Utilitarians are not concerned with casting a ballot to dictate the outcome of putting leaders into place. The majority casts its vote wi...

October 5, 2019

Would you abuse the power entrusted in you?

Jesus didn’t take the underdogs under his wing in order to side with crime and corruption. Contrarily, he joined their cause in order to vindicate the just and the pure. Could any corrupt person really feel justified to lead a...

It is written that “From the days of John the Baptist until now, the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the violent are taking it by force (11:12).” Everyday we’re confronted with our own spiritual wars. We know that to attain eternal life in the kingdom of heaven...

With the USA seemingly meddling with foreign countries for the past several decades, we’re now facing the challenge of overcoming terrorists that feel justified to exploit. Let’s keep things very simple, aggression is the way that tyrants get their way at the expense o...

When you think about it, it’s astonishing how much we insist on refusing that God has a plan. When we realize that God has a plan, we take it up as our religion. While we show up for a communal gathering we abstain from worshipping in privacy. We forget that God is alw...

This month brought my family two significant milestones. My daughter Daisy graduated from high school and I turned 40.  See the photo gallery by clicking here! These are the events that matter in life. Each phase is a stepping stone towards a better future and finding...

September 23, 2016

Annuities are to projected income as the calendar is to projected weather. This idea is both soothing and intimidating because we can actually control an annuity but the thought of making a mistake with the mismanagement of our hard earned funds is hardly enticing. On...

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