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Tax Reform

Tax Reform

The last time I checked, and that was more than likely more recent than the average taxpayer, Americans haven’t seen meaningful tax reform since 1986. While I lean conservative when weighing in on the impact of tax reform, my approach can be likened to a common strategy in gambling to avoid changing strategy mid-game. But my approach better compares to the common business knowledge that you can’t tell much about the viability of a business until it gets past its first five years that if extended to a more challenging feat, as is running a country, five years are the equivalent to ten (you’re hearing it from the original source). The years 2008 through 2016 equals eight years; thus with Donald Trump now the President-elect we’ll never know what could’ve been.

What’s safe to say is that we will inevitably increase our national debt, resources will deplete, and the costs of basic services will skyrocket. Yet, if I choose, I can remain truncated on the impossible: the idea that this world might be able to identify and accept a good thing when they have it. But I would never move forward to see the advantages that the President-elect’s plan will have on my life. At the end of the day, the message was made very clear with the results of this election. Individuals are to side with short term gains, forget the long term, and create unsustainable markets that eventually burst. If everyone’s philosophy is buy low sell high we’re looking at the ultimate deadlock.


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