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The belief and worship of a supreme creator having a preordained plan.

As in my case, it's not uncommon that individuals spend the time to soul search before they're able to better assess the value of practicing a religion and are ready to select one that suits them.  It then struck me that I was shopping for a religion as like with any other commodity. My decision to continue with the Faith passed down by both my maternal and paternal grandparent's, the Catholic Faith, was out of respect for their devotion. I respect other's choice to practice Faith under any other Christian denomination. Yet, unlike Christian denominations, my interpretation of the New Testament has no agenda. In fact, the 2,000 year old institution that Catholicism can be viewed as, makes it hard for a Catholic to radicalize the Word, that is Biblical liturgy (unless you're Martin Luther). 

The information provided here is not intended to debunk or refute anyone else's beliefs. It's meant to share my interpretations of the messages of the New Testament in positive light and hope that those common threads among different views are sufficient to maintain a strong enough fabric to sustain the Glory of One God, the Creator of All. There are plenty of indications in the New Testament that serve as cautionary tails for our generation and certain references to the end of times that makes this topic increasingly relevant. We should all do our own small part at making sure that God finds us united. God has bonded the chemical molecules that comprise water and oxygen to create life. God will not hesitate to break bonds where he finds that nobody is interested. That is my take.

My background doesn't involve formal training, nor devout commitment to Catholicism. It involves a strong personal curiosity about Jesus Christ and my desire to ingrain a foundation about Catholicism in my children. It's my hope that my children, Ruben and Daisy, are as curious about Jesus Christ as I was because Jesus Christ has given me a new reason to love life. With all it's challenges and obstacles, life has a way to destroy our spirits but I hang on to the words by Jesus that "the one who perseveres to the end will be saved." - Matthew 24:13

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