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Los Angeles architecture

CA DRE # 02094918

The architectural styles that I'm the biggest fan of are those which are easily altered to incorporate other just as aesthetically pleasant styles such as French touches in a California Ranch style home or Monterey Spanish flairs in a colonial Spanish style home. I'm more readily willing to sell you on these styles but mostly when they not only include the charm of an old-world style with a blend of custom touches, they're also modernized!

It turns out that Los Angeles is the perfect market to find a good blend of the elegantly styled homes in classical architecture with the fluidity of today's ever-changing modern styles. 


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California Colonial

When I think Spanish style homes, I think turrets, red mission tile roof, and most importantly, enclosed patios. This is the entertainment spot where enjoying a glass of red wine on the terrace and appreciating outdoor nature transforms into an exclusive get-away. The fortress-like features of the exterior façade, the enthralling charms of indoor characteristics and the arched pillars running through the halls distressed in artful wear-and-tear create an experience of an old world treasure: Fit for an urban living while indulging a leisurely life.


California Ranch

Functional, rural, yet elevated. This layout is sprawled and if you like stairs you can get plenty with the very many leveled features; underground dens, conversation-pits,  and to the kitchen from your bedroom hall on the an elevated floor.


California Bungalow

By the beach, by USC or in Pasadena, Southern California has produced the best of bungalows. 


Spanish Mediterranean

Under Construction!

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