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Steps for obtaining tax relief:

1) Get oriented with the resolution process.

During the pro bono consultation you'll gain insight as to the resolution process. You'll receive a list of the paperwork that I'll need to assess your case with regards to resolution time-frame and pertinent fees. 

2) Establish an agreement.

Tax relief varies on a case-by-case basis. There are no guarantees that your tax debt will entirely disappear but you can count on me to relieve you of the burden of having to spend hours of communications and preparing accurate correspondence with and for Revenue Officers at the IRS. For a small retainer that ranges from as low as $100 depending on the estimated work load, I can get started on your case right away.

3) Sign a Power of Attorney.

The IRS Revenue Officer will need to ascertain that I'm authorized to speak to them on your behalf and will need to have a Power of Attorney on file.

4) Schedule an intake interview.

During the intake interview, you'll have a chance to discuss your case in extensive detail. We'll also have a chance to review the documents related to your case and determine if additional information is necessary. This will be the highest level of involvement on your part. The remainder of the process will be brief follow-up calls to provide a status as well as to request additional information.

5) Settle on a resolution.

As closure on your case approaches, you'll receive information about the recommended resolution strategy and we'll meet one last time to finalize the agreement. 

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