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Bad Tax Preparers

We've all heard of them. But rather than to mention every scheme that will inevitably boil down to fraud and theft, let's discuss how to identify those that don't care to end up in jail. We'll call these the good tax preparers.

Right off the bat indicators:

  • They show interest in their field of expertise

  • They are ethical in appearance

  • They have experience and a future ahead

With those characteristics in mind, what are some of the physical evidence in support of these characteristics? You can be the judge, but here are a few: They are certified tax preparers, they are publicly advertised, they have a long work history, and a plan around their clients to grow in their career.

But, just in case that's not enough, never walk away without a signed copy of your tax return and ensure that your paid preparer has provided his/her preparer tax identification number (PTIN). This is how they assume responsibility for the information provided on the tax return.

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