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God's Plan

When you think about it, it’s astonishing how much we insist on refusing that God has a plan. When we realize that God has a plan, we take it up as our religion. While we show up for a communal gathering we abstain from worshipping in privacy. We forget that God is always with us and to question whether we’re preparing ourselves sufficiently for his plan. How do reconcile God’s plans with our plans? After all, doesn’t God favor free-will?

One thing is right, God’s plan requires active participation in both the journey and the destination. But we need to Understand that this plan involves embracing eternal life. As obscene as it sounds, this world of earthly pleasures is the Whore mentioned in the Bible. A whore gives you enough concessions as a worthless object until you’re trapped returning the favors with increasing degradation and loss of integrity. In God's eyes, this Whore is an utter mockery and a total waste of energy. But it’s present here.

Yet, God doesn’t blame us; not entirely at least. Which is why we have the teachings of Jesus to help us navigate the filth of this world. We can’t be too sure if we’re preparing ourselves for God when deception is rampant. I’ll give you my example. In 2011 I was essentially stripped of my parenting rights. At the time it drove me crazy and I couldn’t see how my motion was disregarded. I was stereotyped as a reckless mother with alcoholism and not one genuinely vested in correcting her children’s behavior and attitudes.

This period was the most confusing time of my life. I had to balance the rapport I’d built with my children, then 10 and 13, with legal cooperation in part motivated by their fathers strong desire to play good-cop. Yet, everyone charged with running my children’s life simply evaded serious court proceedings and moved ahead with denying me any rights. It was the equivalent of being accused for being exactly the kind of parent that got to enjoy my kids grow up and whom to this day continue to hope that I lose my faith and side with evil (them).

But I’m not discouraged. I never fail to remind my kids of how much they can count on me to advocate on their behalf. It’s not they who I need to be concerned about. It’s the corrupted that lead to corruption. As my kids understand this increasingly more and they mature I’m relieved to have managed keeping my faith. It’s a lonely place from where I stand but God favors my position of making it my priority to treat my children respectfully where they might have otherwise become bargaining chips - the instrument of a corruptive lifestyle.

I made a decision that frames my parenting style and I intend on following through with it! Those that have been instrumental in impeding my parental success are not influential towards me. Quite the contrary.

Conversely, God has a plan and He intends on following through with it. Those that have been instrumental in impeding His success to bring Heaven to Earth (aka the Whores) are not influential towards me. How absurd.

The violent fight for taking Heaven by force. Contrarily, my Merit warrants me a place in Heaven where I will gladly unwelcome the whores and their mongers if I have to pick up my sword to keep myself protected.

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