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Calling Mercy - The Lesson of the Fig Tree

For every practical purpose, eternity is the present. Yet, what we do as we speak, can be as useless as anything we did as newborns. The predominant force on earth is malicious. Those that serve others relinquish evil and malice and is on the path Jesus taught. But it means nothing unless the underlying motive is a self-willed admission that there is no better way to reach God, or actualize full self-potential, than to be sinners. The promise received to Godly people from God is eternal nourishment and shelter. Between showing mercy and having a patronizing attitude, can you make a good guess which God prefers?

We all have a tendency to reject the fruits from heaven. But repenting puts us at equal with our counterparts.

The lesson of the fig tree brings hope to my life because I understand that God can command this tree to wither when He has been rejected by His own Creation. My love and glory are dedicated to my Lord, that same Lord that can make the fig tree wither on His command. I admit that only God can make me perfect and that I have to turn my life to Him in order to become whole, per His image. The nature of the whore is to do the opposite: to be condescending and useless, at the same time.

Those walking in the spirit of the whore have become so useless, even among themselves, that they can only resort to psychological gimmicks in order to think more highly of themselves. They’re everywhere, in every social class and earnings bracket. But so are the Elect, those that can’t be fooled by the whore. My job is to encourage victims of darkness, in my case drug dealing rapists, to avoid intimidation and pressure from thugs as a barrier to reach Godliness.

My experience as a poor girl, and my consequential choices, kept me from full worship of the Great Lord. I hope to be a positive role model for the oppressed! Message number one: Oppressors are always whore loving, unworthy, filth.

Turn your life to God and enjoy the Heaven of blissful Eternity!

Message number two: One of my favorite prayers to plea for protection against the whore is very simple:

F#&k off whore!

And then repeat.

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