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The Sacrificial Lamb

I’m not the sacrificial lamb and, guess what? Neither are you. What ultimate way to deprecate the Passion of the Christ than to deny His eternal salvation through His Crucifixion where we were all guaranteed a place in Heaven. I get it. This concept is hard for uneducated immigrants (beaners). I have to be honest, I suspect those aspiring to be my influencers simply play the happy ignorant part, when they’re biologically related (although, I always rather say that I’m adopted), while the second-rate whores glamorize their life of endless pleasures. All in the name to seduce me into their miserable lifestyles. I call it the wet-back disease.

It’s a hard curve to beat! (Does anyone out there know how to flatten that curve? Pelosi? Ocasio? Anyone?)

Speaking of sacrifice, the best advice I heard about sacrifice is that it means to sacrifice your life as opposed to making sacrifices. That reminded me that The Great Lord took His Own Life to Raise it up Again! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a problem with servitude. I just don’t think that God expects anyone to sale themselves out. It is written that you either serve God or Mammon. Sorry to break it to the self-proclaimed over-Lords that get encouraged by whory Beaners and then just expect it just applies to the rest of us.

Answering on the behalf of mutty whores is getting old (I’m exhausted). I know the beaners want me to think that the same rule I’m applying to them now also applies to my co-workers, those of whom I interact with in a real-life job setting. I'm not falling for that. There was a time that I wanted to spare the beaners embarrassment from being inferior and after about ten years of paying the price of over-extending concessions, I’m happy to announce that I’ve come back to my senses. After all, I’m a USC undergrad. (I’ve also never dealt drugs and periodically volunteer to get investigated by calling various police departments to express my dislike of drugged up whores).

I’m confident that honest to good people will hear my voice as one which is resisting suppression. The cast system belongs in India, maybe Mexico, but not here. Which is why it’s sad to me that anglo-Americans go fight wars for a world in their own territory which honorable men agree is nearing worthlessness. China has the advantage of a homogeneous, collective culture. But the advantage in the USA is that the founders were warm-hearted, all-embracing, and strictly law based. There is no way to compare the two. But as an immigrant (I was born here, but still), I fight for this country through my pride for the VALUES I gained.

Values can’t be replicated. They are fluid, not rote. This is why imagination, invention, and creativity is born in this country, the USA. Let’s work on our jurisprudence ability. Pride is good!

My support of President Trump stems from just that basis!

The world might end tonight and I know that I have a home in the next world where I’ll take all my doings in this life, and only mine. I’ll be embraced by The Great Lord and guided through to Glory for all the Great I’ve done. I hope everyone else feels the same way.

P.S. My prayer to fx$k off the whore is working like a charm! Try it sometime.

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