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God Greed Must Die!

God greed goes beyond being merely self-centered: It’s recognizing God’s hand with the gift of life, from our everyday necessities to our excessive fortunes, while taking it for granted. We treat Heavenly gifts like we do other resources, afraid that it could get too costly as if it were a limited resource. Thus, we hog up what we can without ever reciprocating the Love. We make these choices out of bad habit and lack of leadership.

God expresses himself by enlightening us with new discoveries. In doing so, we design inventions that mirror the superiority of God’s plan, yet we fail to see that it’s a two way mirror. Instead of gratefully accepting God's gift, we attribute it to an event having occurred in the realm of the physical world. We keep our inner voice secret, that inner voice that bonds with God and deciphers His blessings, because we’re careful as to not interrupt our “lucky streak.” We’ve become doubtful because, just in case we’re wrong, we feel that our sanity is protected.

But we continue taking-and-taking and soon we get jealous of our neighbors success, coveting their life’s, and we succumb to excessive competition. We’ve buried God so deep within in order to keep Him to ourselves that we forget he’s even there. Yet, we wonder why God’s wrath could be so destructive, conveniently failing to see our own destruction of Him. Again, it's a two way mirror. Our side of the mirror is visible, God's side is perceived.

Thus, those that care about developing and sustaining a loving bond with God have to reconsider this path. God is free for all. Keep your material riches. Keep your sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll. But free up God and all that you took with Him.

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