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Offensive for JC

Would you abuse the power entrusted in you?

Jesus didn’t take the underdogs under his wing in order to side with crime and corruption. Contrarily, he joined their cause in order to vindicate the just and the pure. Could any corrupt person really feel justified to lead a thuggish life and maintain a negative world view with Jesus leading the way? But Jesus wasn’t using psychological gimmicks for his personal gain. Instead, he used Love towards all of God’s creation to get his message across. If people are treated with the human dignity all individuals are worth, they are self-corrected or they are ungodly.

We’re living in a time that the seed of evil growing as weeds are deliberately growing together with those that are innocent to push their diabolic agenda forward at the expense of the pure in heart. This is an effort by Satan to mock God and his chosen in order to demonstrate the opposite of god: that we’re not precious and priceless beings but simply ego-centric scum willing to connive against one another. Yet, we’re instructed to grow together with the weeds through perseverance. Otherwise we betray the greatest power bestowed upon us as superior beings, that of “will power.” Would you betray that trust?

Why didn’t Jesus just say “have faith in me?”

When Jesus asked the pharisees “which is easier?” to say “your faith has saved you” or to say “get up and walk” I didn’t know what to think. What if Jesus had said “have faith in me?” with regards to his fellowship? It’s our own will that matters, without it we’re debunk, void, and empty.

The creator is great!

Fighting for Access to God

Weeds penetrate your flesh to force you to losing hope and faith. Ultimately filthy trash takes over running this world. Pick up your sword and keep these weeds away! Don’t let their seed choke you, don’t be robbed, and let your faith multiply. Don’t be tempted to feel for these weeds. When Satan can no longer use them, they'll be restored to the useless empty vessels they became by putting their faith in baal.

Who are your loyalties to?

God or Men? The creator or his creation? Being a good steward of creation is sufficient to demonstrate your faith in God and loyalty to God. Anything outside of that is Satan fighting for your soul. Satans’ goal is to undermine God like a jealous counterpart that sabotages your progress for his/her personal gain. Find a counterpart that also puts The Creator above you to be happy.

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