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Professional Skepticism

I don’t believe that Jesus ever questioned whether The Lord, the Creator of this awesome universe and all powerful, was capable of abandoning him. If Jesus actually said that I feel like he’d become a stranger to me, a person different from the one I’ve come to know. This statement would never hold in my court if I were a judge falling in the category of hearsay not supported by witnesses that can provide hard evidence. When Jesus spoke he spoke in parables in the context of relatable scenarios involving interactions amongst people. Now that I think of it, I feel that his interrogation by the authority of the time is fabricated.

Know this: the enemy is low and dirty. The enemy wants to get ahead but only if God gets mocked in the process otherwise it hurts his vanity. The goal is to mock God because he wants to assume the role of God. But also wants to conquer God. Framing himself like the innocent victim that has no choice but to hold himself superior to the rest of us not only serves as a cowardly way to get out of destruction but fuels his hunger for evil. If we neither have the audacity to rise to a Godly level, fulfilling the purpose God has in mind for us, nor enough guts to stand up to trash, Satan will keep getting away.

Which is why I’m servant to others and encourage personal growth!

Apostasy means that corrupted thugs can always hide their truth under the umbrella of hearsay. Maybe we’ve not all encountered sleazy lawyers that thrive on mischaracterizing their opponent in order to win a case. Yet common knowledge is what matters when it comes to who’s who. If Jesus hadn’t been anyone we’d all be turned to disgusting beasts by now without a higher power only to be left to our animalistic needs. This is what will happen with the fruit of losers, known as Son of Perdition, when apostasy takes hold of our lives. Thugs will take you to court to keep with the appearance even though you try to settle on your way to court as Jesus mandated.

Call me liberal, but I question anything in the Bible that ruins the chances of an elect to surpass the great coming deception!

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