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Creating God

We’re in the age of apostasy and forced to overcome the daily challenges of dealing with our conscience and the burden of more. Our mentality is threatened by foreigners that filter information in opposition to our own. Where good seeds were planted weeds grow from the constant turmoil. Eventually, in the midst of confusion, we’re obliged to concede.

Then comes a leader to create God. After all, conceding to life’s troubles works both ways and either path is construed by the power of will.

According to Andrew Newberg, M.D., God cannot be proved. Rather, the fragments of our imagination are created for the sake of survival. “If a belief in God provides you with a sense of comfort and security, then God will enhance your life. But if you see God as a vindictive deity who gives you justification for inflicting harm on others, such a belief can actually damage your brain as it motivates you to act in socially destructive ways.”

It follows that responsibility for one's actions is supreme.

Creating God is an everyday task. Luckily for us, we have the preachings of God’s incarnation on earth. Jesus taught us how to think about our neighbors in order to reap the benefits of eternal peace. Jesus was a human created by God to resemble himself. We’re all created in God’s image and thus able to act like Jesus. But are we willing to?

Jesus is the most special being there has ever been. Thanks to Jesus, here are the facts I’m using today to create God in my life:

  • My treasure is where my heart is

  • God feeds the birds and clothes the flowers

  • All is forgiven but the blasphemy of God

Whether for my own self-interested survival or in kindness to my brethren, I create my image of God to guide me at becoming selfless and in constant servitude. I’m always grateful for the grandeur of God’s creation from the smallest insect to the tallest mountain. I choose it that way and my neurons agree!

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