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Voice over Vote

What came first the Voice or the Vote? Let’s not go in circles, the voice isn’t the chicken (no pun intended) nor the vote the egg. Utilitarians are not concerned with casting a ballot to dictate the outcome of putting leaders into place. The majority casts its vote with the everyday decisions that are created in the privacy of their daily lives. The casting that follows is that which the leader of their community enacts. Punching hole’s, double voting, and the dead voting, are the perils of ballot casting. When the voice is cast it’s about the impressions left in the true tracks building the real road to the palpable destination.

The societal issues of a palpable reality are addressed by inculcating values that create traction, empower identity, and bring dreams to fruition. With that in mind, here are some thoughts on impending issues:


Homelessness is totally over the brink. I’ve been homeless before and it’s an issue that I’d rather avoid. I shrug it off as an arbitrary label that can be a negative measure for those living in their mother’s basement to those that live in their car. The truth is that unless you’re born into either wealth or impunity, into “two acres and a mule” or some other sort of victim compensation, you’re not really catching a break. Those that benefit are those asking for taxpayers' money as a life line.

Who cares if you worked a waitress job before going into politics. Get a waitress job for kicks’ sake while you’re in office, then you’ve put your money where your mouth is. Doing so you might expect:

Economical: 1) High quantity low paying jobs across multiple employers

2) Sustainable housing across long term contracts

3) Race to the top and no one left behind education policies for adults

Sociological: 1) Motivates competition and keeps economy vibrant

2) Allows ingenuity and opportunities to strike it rich for genuine talent

Tax Impacts: 1) Stagnated; USA macro economy has reached saturation

2) Progressive taxes in place suffice

Rapid growth in high demand commodity markets create an opportunity for innovation. Except Procter & Gamble probably has its dominion aligned with Big Government America. - No Bueno.


The world can do without saffron, chinese made cheap cars, and the like.

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