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The Convergence in the End Times

Not in order of appearance, this is an introduction to the protagonists on the stage of apostasy:

1) Mystery Babylon – The Elite, Global Wide. These are those that have drank from the cup of the whore. In other words, they are not only sale-outs but also domineering. They will first try seducing the masses with glamour but will resort to psychological warfare if they can’t have their way. It’s truly a disgusting beast.

2) Anti-Christ – USA. While there’s both a Christian revival and the threat of a territorial war, the USA is susceptible to abandoning Jesus’ true message. If Americans pick up in arms in the name of Jesus, solely to quench their thirst for power, they evoke the spirit of the anti-Christ. The current President seems to be paving the way for just that.

3) False Prophet – Islam. The Quaran is a counterfeit of the Bible. These people will be primarily responsible for the great coming deceit. They have allowed for the Son of Perdition to promulgate. Our Lord wants everyone at home with Him. The Son of Perdition wants everyone to trash mother earth.

4) Son of Perdition – Third World Countries, the oppressed. These are those that have been marginalized throughout history and have become the most vindictive. They fail to have compassion. Compassion is not even a part of their vocabulary. They want to take back by force what they feel is only theirs.

The antagonists are Lord of Lords and His followers.

Revelation 4:7-…

The four living creatures - lion, human, calf, & eagle - that exclaim holy, holy, holy day and night, also unravel the unsealing of the first four seals. The fifth seal raises the voices of the martyrs that came after Jesus. They implore to Jesus that they be avenged. Instead, when Jesus unseals the sixth seal, those that live in shame suffer a great fear of the Lord when they see his face: “They cried out to the mountains and the rocks, “Fall on us and hide us from the face of the one who sits on the throne and from the wrath of the lamb.”

The 7 seals illustrate the flaws in human evolution starting with self-entitlement to power (white horse), which leads to wars (red horse), to famine control (black horse), to finally, chaos and pestilence through immorality (green horse). When the fifth seal is opened, voices asking for revenge are heard and in the sixth seal we see that all hid in fear. This is like when Adam and Eve hid from God in their shame. They were afraid to answer to He for their severe betrayal is unforgivable.

As we can see, the progression from self-proclaimed authority by men, those whom, if I might add, are like dirty Pharisees, request for revenge, but only end in the shameful hiding from God. This is the nature of the serpent.

But before the seventh seal is opened, God wants to seal His first. It has nothing to do with revenge that God will destroy this corrupt world, it has to do with protecting the meek and humble faithful believers of He.

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