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Climate Change

Every preaching by Jesus is based on coming calamities from natural to man-made disasters; From sea to air and the economy to agriculture, our time here has an expiration. We were given a template in this world on what laws to follow for creating a society. We’re great at analyzing laws of physics to create safe and useful mechanical engineering. We’re not so great at analyzing moral laws to create harmonious and Godly paths to Heaven.

By now you can probably tell that I’m not referring to the Green New Deal (or is it the Green New Deal? Hmm, whichever doesn’t refer to a ripe politician like AOC). The course for salvaging humanity from its course of destruction is navigating natural environmental shifts. They are not the cause of our ultimate demise, they are the warning signs before sudden destruction. Did I mention that God came to preach the path of salvation through his only Son incarnate? In this article I list but a few of JC’s parables. But first, I offer my view on the divinity of the trinity. Please read on.

All current monolithic religions and mystical beliefs are flawed in one way or the other. Monolithic religions represent a fractured and dysfunctional family member of the larger world. Islam is the bastard child from an unlawful marriage, Jews are the official inheritors of rich dads’ wealth, and Christians are the young and shiny bride, opportunists, that mend the void. Catholics I’m biased about because I believe in the Eucharist.

I believe that breaking bread in a setting that has withstood the test of time since the time of JC is the closest I can get to The Incarnated Lord. So, yeah, I’m biased.

Furthermore, I believe that a mighty Lord created everything, both seen and unseen, and that humans He has created in his image - hence our ability to reason with our heart - and that He Willed to be incarnated in JC through the Holy Spirit. All three are required to bring forth His birth to life in this World, not by a Trinity, but by His people. In turn, His people are of every faith, ethnicity, and race. They are those who appreciate the symbolism of his parables while taking literally the extent to which meaning isn’t compromised.

God clothes the flowers that grow wild in undeveloped fields as much as He feeds the birds, free to fly across journeys from one sustained rich crop to the next. Both seemingly vulnerable species yet more glamorous and productive than any fashion model or industrial workaholic, respectively. Honey bee’s are an example of the micro-ecosystem that result from our effort to cultivate the seeds of God’s plan. They are the angels, if you will, that keep the grinder milling wheat.

Now, if we’re all as a grain of wheat, then we should also know that weeds grow among us. These weeds are like those that we forgive because we know that when all is said and done that wheat will be separated from weeds; the wheat will yield more life while the weeds get thrown into the furnace and perish. The punished will be the free-loading harvesters that demand enjoyment of another’s crops without making their own contributions like the parable of the bad servant.

Now, with all evil punished, in my humble self I know there’s something I can do to please my great lord. First, I can treasure those things that will turn my heart away from him, for where my heart is there is where my treasure is. Next, I will not empty my soul to Satan over feeling sorry for anyone because it would be like when Jesus threw pearls to pigs, they can drown when an evil spirit drives them to their place.

If you can accept the seasons revolving around the sun you might also want to accept our season around a galaxy. Like the fig tree we all know what comes next.

TBC...Climate Change involves a change in morality.

(By the way, thank you for catching my errors here. I'll accept your catch as your confession.)

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