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On Diversity

The current civilization with its vast talent of every race ought to be in a peaceful state if it wasn’t because said talent goes to waste. Instead of exploiting the talent that every accomplished adult is perfectly capable of passing down in the capacity of mentor, most leaders today behave as though life is a chess game. This generation, if you’ll allow, is approaching a state where talent isn’t put to use, if not already, simply due to taking talent for granted.

It reminds me of the parable in one of the Gospels when The Lord returns to judge those with different talents. To the one that was given more talent, there was more value reaped, almost doubled if I recall correctly. And on it goes until it comes to the one with least talent. This one buried his currency, meaning talent, because he felt it was too little to lose and saved it for judgment day instead. Well, The Lord wasn’t very pleased with that.

Can you think of any other scripture passages that exemplify the human flaws unto the eyes of God? There are many, the prodigal son and the 10 virgins are two good examples.

God judges his Creation as Creator. Nothing under or over the Sun is created without God’s blessing, including Satan. But you have to know that Satan is a product of our own rejection of God. God relies on us! He can use as little or as much talent to grant each individual but he expects a return. Nothing should interfere. Our job is to put God’s mandate above all.

The serpent is to be defeated before the dove will rise!

I liken the serpent to the draw-backs of a collective culture. It suffocates talent and impedes progress as would, say, a socialist/Marxist/communist societal structure. The dove, on the other hand, I liken to individualism: free, pure, and amicable. One orients towards destruction the other to creation, respectively speaking: Satan or God, slavery or freedom, hate or love.

As a Country with the multitude of people we’re bound to feel frustration. Yet, the founding fathers of this nation created a path that we can all follow towards the only common goal I can think of: our individual success. Then it depends on defining success in God’s eyes!

Here’s a clue, fisherman of men doesn’t involve fish.

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