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The Terrorists Among Us

Dear Blessed,

On October 7, 2023, a great war was initiated by the enemies of a free world. The God of the those perpetrating the grizzly attacks against innocent citizens of the world is unlike our God, for our God expects willing sacrifice to achieve selflessness. Our belief as free people recognizes that we live as equals achieved by worshipping the creator of a world vastly diverse and immensely awesome so much so that is too far out of our comprehension. The free people with will power against sodomy, whoredom, baselessness and all-in-all-depravity, have honored a beautiful and innocent creation instead.

Free people allow for a natural green world to flourish; we get in tune with the natural cycle of life. Those that have gotten far in a free world have done so opposite to human nature.

The only way that our free world is threatened is when we're forced to commit grave sin. Sadly, we're being oppressed by counterfeiters that have hijacked the inspired word of God, the constitution of an independent nation, and the lives of those that refuse to compromise their integrity. In the Bible, this is known as the apostasy, when life is turned upside-down and good deeds are labeled bad. Merit is no longer considered a cursor for achieving goals because now what's important is that you can "kiss the ring of the overlord."

Now, I've worked at developing myself as an individualistic all-American-girl and its a hard pill to swallow that I'll be sidelined as opportunities arise for those less fortunate than I am, but it is written that the order for reaching the same cross-line is irrelevant. Should I give up on myself? Of course not. God has a plan. That plan calls for those of us believers to see the warnings of the end.

It's my belief that Muslims are a counterfeit of the Bible and that the Black Power agenda is the poison pill infiltrating the larger American spirit. We need black American loyalists at the grass-roots level to step up to the plate and defeat the moral conflict created by leaders that prostitute themselves around the world. We pay our taxes and demand nothing less than what we're worth.

Yours truly,

Monique A. Huizar


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