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Business by the Bible

There's only one way to do business and that's when all adherence to everything the bible mandates is being met. Unlike the time of Egyptian supremacy before the time of Christ, joseph was left to his wits even with all his fathers blessings. I've heard the hebrew's testimony about their experience with God and the double standard is evident! Asking Jews to love arabs is like asking them to eat decrements. They are not preaching in my Lord's word.

How do these people make it in American society? I'll tell you that I can deal with Mexicans but white supremacy and black power is outside of my area. jewish people like playing the bystander but always cause the chaos. The time that they broker peace has been long dead. Avoidance is how the jewish are defined. This is why they suffered a holocaust, stupid.

In current day's, a Pope doesn't leave the seed of future promulgation, as if that will curtail the Great Creator to continue his line. My Great Lord, creator of this world is present in the lives of those whom believe in him.


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