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Democrats' Death Wish

Democrats' modus operandi is to oppress in the most humiliating and disadvantageous way possible. By appealing to the basic and rightful needs of their constituents as though it’s something that you hold over someone’s head to get your way is blackmail. Then to gloss over it as a legitimate and official public service practice, is an abuse of power, hurts the innocent, and emboldens the corrupted. It’s plainly deceptive and insulting to the intelligence.

To be enticed into voting Democrat is to choose an oppressed group then take your marching orders from pathetic low pedigree Soros/Sanger backed public representatives to further your degraded state of livelihood all the while the mob thrives. Enticing is an understatement. In Los Angeles it’s more like intense peer pressure because the majority of the population is weak; think the homeless, me-too actresses, and money hungry prostitutes that do anything for job security. It’s ground zero for a moral deficiency crisis worse than any epidemic.

The truth is that these wanna-be leaders are the stifled and trifled ones that want to get everyone to sing kumbaya along with them only not from a campfire by the river but remotely; They from their taxpayer funded high perches and the rest of us not. They want us to conform and call this a life all the way to our graves because they’ve made it a private enterprise to slave-drive taxpayers, their constituents. After all, if we begin to think critically, we would catch on to their fraud. How would they sustain their big-ballin and shot-callin lifestyle they’ve become so fond of?

They’re comfortable in their high paid oppressed circumstances, unable to handle competition from independent thinking and analytical adults that have strived through life’s obstacles. Their only tool is to attack true leaders who call us to be the best of ourselves and build something called character so that we find our skill and become enterprising, self-sufficient, and fall into a position where we demand the best caliber among us as our leaders. These low-lives out to get pay-back over their shattered vanity by so-called retribution on the backs of the humble and meek is second rate class and wouldn’t fly in any other first-world nation.

Amos 2:6-7 says that they “sell the just man for silver, and the poor man for a pair of sandals” and I gained a glimpse of a modern interpretation yesterday listening to Tom Hughes. What this passage sounds like to me is that Americans are being sold at a premium to our Orthodox and the Oriental neighbors but when we’re impoverished, according to the Elite’s plan, we’ll only be worth a pair of sandals; an item to be stepped and trampled over.


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