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Evolutionist not Progressive

The problem with the CIA releasing information on their covert operations is that it gets published at a time when they’ve already failed their mission. The purpose of it seems to be an effort to garner public sympathy by suggesting that their impasses were meant to create a decoy of confusion that is yet to tender its fruits. Surely our Chinese counterparts shrug it off and get a good laugh. Forgive me for my unpatriotic approach; wait until I share with you that I believe in thorough hegemony before you judge me. 

Back to my point, this strikes a pretty close resemblance to designating information as classified documents by the executive branch. The deals made behind closed doors evolve rapidly when people knocking on those doors are not confidant insiders*. Information that was designated top secret yesterday may not be so the next day. The deal wasn’t one to create economic sustainability. The deal was to create a concentration of wealth among the few. 

Is it not diplomacy an elevated recourse that avoids conflict as compared to hostile negotiations? What I’m getting at is that top secret information is of no value. Not only because enemy countries have their own counter intelligence robust enough to know all that is visible to the eye about their enemies but also because their war strategies are published in literary works across cultures. The obvious source is history books but there are others.

The main source of information why I know that other nations are safer from foreign threats than the USA, doesn’t only stem from my knowledge of current prisoner trades which are heavily weighted in favor of foreign enemies of the US. My research also comes from literary works such as The Art of War by the China leader. It's common knowledge my friends. The Chinese are planning on killing us with kindness, if you will. They make no haste about the method to kill their enemies slowly starting with weakening their morale. I have to say that there's something honorable about that.

The way that classified documents are being used as a veil that blinds the rest of us is like the Wizard of Oz behind the curtain. Behind that curtain was just a pathetic small man that thrived on holding onto power by instilling fear on the sovereign. In 2020 we had a President that informed us about our enemies and the actions that were taken to eliminate that threat. In 2024 we have a President that creates covert wars that result in dead enemy leaders and we're told to pretend that it happened in a vacuum. In the meantime, the warmongering President is priming US citizens for war ignoring that he has a direct and strong opponent that goes against war.

Joe B. wants to use the American people as the tip of the spear to his IRA drug-lord war. We're no pawns, we know that Joe B. has criminal deals with leaders across the world and that he's the little pathetic voice behind the curtain reaching for a power grab.

*Footnote: In my earlier edition, I used black people to exemplify those that were not the "confidant insiders." While that might be true, I acknowledge that its not just black people who are impeded from participating in the truth of what's really going on. I can only take a fraction of the responsibility for my bias as we have all been drilled on feeling sorry for black people and demonizing white people in the last few years. I admit that social fractures don't fall into neat groups. I'm pro good vs. evil which is why I'm making this edit.


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