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The Harm Doers

You mean to tell me that the Biden administration can sic their FBI minions on their enemies but they can’t prevent the problem to begin with? If so, let’s make foresight a prerequisite to hold office in the USA. I’m referring to Nancy Pelosi calling off military presence on January 6th when there was a clear threat of a distasteful riot. Biden-Pelosi and minions are not the people that inspire confidence in securing our safety. Instead they raise suspicion as to whether they achieved the results that they were truly after: to frame Donald Trump, whom had always resisted learning the ropes from the old-dogs-set-in-their-ways - maybe corrupt?

I’ll have Biden-Pelosi know that the conservative solution to the problem of vandalism has always been to keep law enforcement well funded. This includes hiring the right people to do the job, not mere minions, but critical thinkers with good judgment. (Did anyone watch the movie Point Blank, Training Day, or read about the Los Angeles Rampart Division? Just wondering.)

No, we don’t have to take anyone’s word that they are practicing the best judgment. That’s how the holocaust occurred. We especially shouldn’t take the current administration for their word when they have done nothing but demonstrate failures in their past top executive capacity.

Yes, confidential information needs to be kept well safeguarded. This is why the Obama and Biden administrations need to be investigated. These administrations clearly lack sound foreign policy, Hillary Clinton made points of contact outside of the highly secure USA government network, and Hunter Biden engaged in quid-pro-quo negotiations leading to millions of dollars in benefits inuring to the Biden family.

In conclusion, this administration is trying their very hardest to pull one over us but it’s right in our faces. Their law makers are more like law undoers and they love it because the way to clear their conscience is to make us all accomplices of their harmful doings. This administration wants to control people in order to blame us for their absurd policies, or rather, lack of policies.. Notice how we’re to blame for the uptick in mass shootings that have only spiked since this administration covertly sieged our government.

My reason to speak my mind is because I learned the hard way to make the best decisions for myself: Fearlessly and unequivocally. The reason Democrats will start to lose voters is because their once idealistic voter base will start to catch-on to the wishy-washy strategy they have of winning an election. Their used car sales-men politicians truly give anyone enough to get a mental disorder. But it also compels reasonable and worldly people from getting beneath inferior influencers that simply don’t care about anything but to control. Bold enough to admire, but otherwise ridiculous.

To conclude, I argue that Democrats are mostly preoccupied with framing their foes than standing up for the needs of the people they represent. Go play a game of twister elsewhere.


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