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The Real Problem is Out of Focus

Protestors like to focus on a time when they purport that people belonging to their heritage were taken advantage of as if those days were a far cry from today’s problems. Yet, what do the influencers of today choose to do?  They might run for the executive branch of the US government in order to secure their own financial liberty even if that requires nothing but to create division and fear among their subordinates. Does that sound like a world that will create social justice among the underprivileged?  To me it sounds like abuse compounded on prior abuse. 

The savvy entrepreneurs operating under the guise of political leadership are blatantly in front of our eyes to make a mockery of will-power. The few people endowed with the power over a sovereign nation are exercising said power to enrich themselves at every turn of the corner and proclaim their futile tenure as the investment upon why their abuse of power is justified.  And now, the basic question is one of choice, those we all make on a contemporaneous basis to decide if our future is predetermined or self-willed. 

Our choices matter and they matter in real time.


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