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The Threat of the Fig Tree

Eternity is the present. What we do now, as we speak, will be as useless as anything we did as newborns. The predominant force on earth is malicious. Those that serve others relinquish evil and malice. There is no better way to reach god or actualize full self-potential than to be sinners. The promise received to Godly people from God is eternal nourishment and shelter.

We all have a tendency to reject the fruits from heaven. But repenting puts us at equal with our counterparts.

The lesson of the fig tree brings hope to my life because I understand that God can order this tree to wither at anytime; meaning, the time the fruits deprived Him from enjoyment/Nourishment (there's a reason why marriage is between one man and one woman in the scriptures - don't get any ideas). My love and glory are dedicated to my Lord, whom can make the fig tree wither.

Why put God through the trouble? I know that the way I live my life now secures a place in eternity. It's our individual job to worship God and keep His plan alive.

Please challenge me.


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