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To the Winner the Spoils

Contemplating war is a natural process along the many stages of one's personal development. It’s especially an important topic when you have to fend for yourself and want to prepare so as to avoid the perils of getting caught off guard . I propose that we always be at war if we aim to ultimately spare our loved ones from becoming the inevitable shields that are the result of passive caregiving. Those of us who are in the fight without the validation from a collective body of people are stronger for it.  Come to think about it, oppressors don’t have any problem playing in the offense. 

Except for the fact that modern day oppressors such as ignorant leaders and their followers - to put it lightly - get everything backwards, there’s nothing wrong with playing offense. What’s worse is that those of us waiting for someone to step in and take charge of our lives as our protector only gives frivolous leaders license to take advantage of our vulnerability. This point of view is increasingly important as we watch the milestones that have culminated in first-world prosperity during the past few centuries deteriorate in front of our very eyes (as in today). 

War is not born from an intellectual inclination. Intellectuals rationalize, bargain, and might even negotiate with their lives as unsuspecting victims when on the other end is a manipulator pushing the boundaries calculating the right moment to pounce. But I’m not making a case for emotionally driven cases either. I’m making a case for the importance of preparing yourself by staying informed and practicing critical thinking. If it were up to me all evil would be eradicated. The reality is that we can only control our own choices, even when under the psychosis of oppression (the purpose of suppression and/or repression is to satisfy the needs of a predator). 

There’s good news! A jew once came to teach us how to love ourselves. From His message was born what we call the Judeo-Christian legal & judiciary system adopted in the USA upon this republic's foundation. The 1st amendment is subject to interpretation, it’s like the tag on clothing that reads “one size fits all” and someone that should be wearing a size 10 decides to fit into a size 0. On the one hand, you can probably fit into that shirt but should you have really interpreted the indicated size as taken for granted? (Probably not). On the other hand, you can decide that the size indicated doesn’t apply to you. 

War-mongers that, similar to predators, are telling immature ignoramus that the 1st amendment should be used to create war is not the correct interpretation. Quite contrarily, just as the purpose of a size 0 shirt is to fit into a skeleton, the purpose of the 1st amendment is to foster the further development of a government that creates fail-safe prosperity. Using the 1st amendment to do anything different is like trying to fit into a size 0 when you’re a size 10. 

But I digress. What I should really drive home is the value of free-will. The more one does what is good, the freer one becomes. There’s one caveat, you can’t do good if your efforts are constantly hindered. War can be avoided but only if we don’t fall vulnerable to anyone, without anyone’s permission. For our own good, we make in the moment judgment calls for our own survival. Why not then own command over our own lives?

The biggest cost to your life is that the victor writes history and you can be given an inferior role.


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