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For a historically oppressed demographic that in recent times has positioned themselves as an up and coming avant garde, so to speak, it’s entirely contradicting that now their failure has been the result of a carefully calculated staging. Nah, this is rather an admission that basic politique is beyond anything their untethered and withering minds are capable of grasping.  My theory is that collusion, vis-a-vis the approval from a wider group for acceptance (maybe validation), is a symptom of corruption that needs to be addressed at its roots. 

Yes, I’m saying that mindless bureaucrats are a significant root cause of corruption found in all facets of society.  The fabric of which they form a part of is weakened and threatens the safety of even those few holding the weaving by strength and not by volume. But let’s back up and ask the question, when it comes to labeling threats, how is it that we’re to define disturbances to peace and injustices.  It should be obvious that it’s the people that stand in the way of freedom that are creating a chaotic atmosphere. But it’s never obvious who those people are when right from wrong is blurred.

Disturbances to peace are created in a way that have a greater impact by those who take on leadership roles knowing that they are inferior but feel that retribution for their shameless selves are dignified by their justified selves. Instead, the question is how do I gain vindication without a gain to myself. In other words, we can all justify and create excuses for our actions but not all of us want to make others pay for the consequences of our decisions. And, speaking of consequences, since when do we as people not hold each other accountable. 

Consequences haven’t been upheld since cocaine and casual sex invited a dark society that has yet to address the protection of all innocents or to punish all culprits. And who is standing in the way? You have but to look at the incompetence in today’s power players. My friends, I ask that you be a part of a positive change towards peace and justice. Cultivate your own mind and make your mark on this small frame in time that can go down in history in a big way.

Be a power player for positive change.


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